Recreate is a free online decoration platform but we call it the new experience in home decoration.
As easy as beautiful and as free as it can get!
Step one. Complete the participation form by clicking at ''change your home for free'' tab.
Step two.  Complete a second form that we will sent to your email ,  providing us with informations and photos of the space you want
to change.
Step three. We will soon publish at our proposal for your home with products especially for you and your
     Step four. Live the experience of shopping online with product placed in your own changed home
Here’s a small challenge: a
student who is about to
move to Vrilissia area,
asked us to draw an
unconventional ...(see
A Summer house in
Andros Island. Its’ owner
wants to reorganize and
embellish the living room
area ... (see more)
House rented by a young
couple, who wishes to  
decorate it on a low
budget and is open to
imaginative ideas ....
(see more)
Moving into a newly built
apartment block and
wishes to furnish the living
room/kitchen....(see more)
Another student, this time
from the city of
Thessaloniki. She asked
ideas for the decoration
of her apartment  ...(see
A couple from Athens
entrusted us with their
living/dining room. Their
request was that we
draw ....(see more)
A couple is decorating
their summer house in
Oropos. They would like
to see our suggestion for  
... (see more)
A room in Andros needs to
change! Its’ owners like
the colors grey and white,
as well as the feeling of
wood ...(see more)
The house is brand new
and, for the time being,
empty. We are planning to
get married next year and
we plan to decorate it until
then ...(see more)
Return home after a long
and beautiful period of
university studies. It is a
big change and the
decoration of the house  
... (see more)
A family of four living in
Aghia Paraskevi, Attica.
The parents are around
and 22 years old .... (see
A 30 year old couple is
moving to a house in
Lykovrissi area and asked
us to suggest solutions
for the construction
...(see more)
This is our kitchen/sitting
room. We are thinking of
remodeling it. We would
like to move the kitchen
to the place  ...(see more)
It’s been a long while
since we remodeled our
house and we need
a refreshed, comfortable
space ...(see more)
I bought this house 8
months ago. The
construction was not yet
complete and I didn’t
have a clear idea . ...(see
50 year old couple would
like to remodel its’ living
room and to enlarge it by
expanding towards the
kitchens.... (see more)